About Hoppin Homeschooler

  • Why this venture?

    Why this venture?

    I am Ajithkumar, did my engineering degree from a top university and MBA from a reputed Institude. I developed a keen interest in homeschooling over the past couple of years. My 6 year old son is extremely curious and unique and most conventional education systems work towards making him one among the crowd and kill his individuality. So I decided to homeschool him and started creating the best possible ambiance for him learn things by himself.

  • Why this website?

    Why this website?

    I wanted to share my experience with other other homeschoolers. I also wanted to learn something from successful homeschooling parents. My vision is to make this website a common platform for people across the globe to participate and share their experiences. 

  • Role of Religion

    Role of Religion

    It goes without saying that a vast majority of the homeschooling parents are Catholics and they homeschool their kids for religious reasons. Though I am a devout Hindu, this website will have nothing to do with religion, spirituality is something a person should seek and should not be taught. One should be a spiritual seeker and not a believer, so this website will not have any religious content in it.


Want to Contribute?

Want to contribute to this initiative? Or do you want to publish articles in this website? Or do you need any specific tips regarding homeschooling? Get in touch.