Barriers To Home Based Learning

Barriers To Home Based Learning That You Can Overcome

There are times when you look around you that you might think you’re doing it wrong. Your house is in disarray, the children are looking confused about the task in front of them, and you haven’t managed to get the dinner on yet. Becoming a full-time teacher to your children is a challenge. It’s not something you should just fall into. It’s a choice you need to step into with care and precision.

Learning at home isn’t easy for the kids either. It can feel stifling to be in the same room for every part of your life. If you live in a small home, this can be the reality for your kids, but it doesn’t need to be. You can choose to have a dedicated classroom. And there’s nothing stopping you walking to school. A brisk walk around the block is a great way to start any day.

A dedicated classroom could be your loft space, your basement, or a converted dining room. If you have a large garden or yard area, you could even rent a temporary classroom building if you click here. Having a dedicated space helps all of you separate the school life from the home life. It creates an environment similar to what they will experience when they go to college. And it gives you the space to set up desks, experiments, and wall charts.

Many mainstream teachers turn their noses up at homeschooling. One of the main reasons for this is their belief that our kids cannot learn the social skills needed in everyday life. There is no barrier to this if you homeschool your kids. For a start, friendships are formed in the play park, on the little league team, and even over the neighbor fence. If your children are offered the opportunity to join in with sports, music, and other group activities, this will never be an issue.

Mainstream teachers also mistakenly believe that excellence in a subject is essential to teach it. As a home-based educator, you don’t need to be an expert in anything. But you need a modicum of common sense and a whole lot of creativity to offer your kids learning opportunities in everything they do. Teachers at school apply their disciplinary skills more often than their subject matter knowledge. Trying to manage over-subscribed classrooms is tough. We simply don’t suffer that as home-based educators.

No Mom on earth would ever tell their kids they know all the answers. A teacher wouldn’t do it in the school, and we don’t do it when we teach at home. But we know our kids inside out. We can empower them to find out the answers they want to know. And we have the time to help them rather than dismiss it. Our own knowledge will never be a barrier to our kids home-schooling.

Perhaps the mainstream system has more barriers for kids learning than we do. After all, my budget for my own children’s education at home as no limits. It’s certainly more than a handful of dollars a week. Do you feel you have any barriers to break down to facilitate your child’s learning?

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